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#24440 - 06/22/09 10:26 PM multi page PDF file as variable object
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I have a variable data job to create: one page displaying personal details and the second onwards would be passport softcopy in pdf format. And the number of pages of passport copy varies person to person.How we can call multipage pdf file as variable image?I know the varialble image can be an eps file and other formats.Pls help to create this.THX

#24441 - 06/24/09 03:40 AM Re: multi page PDF file as variable object

If you first create an image object, you can then load a PDF into it (and choose page numbers dynamically). Dragging and dropping a PDF will always assume a PDF object (background) - this is still the case for compatibility reasons.

Then, for the variable number of extra pages:
You will have to create as many layouts as the maximum number of pages. Then, for each of the layouts, you can use this layout condition:
IF (OBJECT_EMPTY("objectname") = True, skip,print)

(Don't forget to adjust the object name for each layout condition).

The layouts that do not contain a page because there aren't that many pages in the PDF, will not be printed.