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#24487 - 05/07/10 08:55 AM Imposition problem
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I have a 2-page PDF in A4 format where the variable text (address) is to be printed on page 2 of the PDF. To conserve clicks and paper I would like to make this a 2-up document, with page 1 repeated 2 times on the front, and of course page 2 repeated on the back. My problem is that the variable text also repeats 2 times on the back, but I would like to have 2 separate records on the same back-page.

Any solutions/workarounds to this would be appreciated greatly.

I thought I had the solution by printing the ready made imposition to a VDP master on the printer, and then creating just the variable text box on a single A4 layout in PSM repeated 2 times, but then I get the address text printed on both the front and back of the final sheet, since the master is a duplex job

#24488 - 05/07/10 09:10 AM Re: Imposition problem
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The records should be different on top and bottom of the sheet, it should not be the same. Let's see if you have setup your document properly... We'll start from scratch.

Create a new job. The first step in creating a 2-Up job is to go to Edit->Preferences, and set vertical repetition to 2. Also set the Mirroring to Long Edge if you plan on duplexing, so that records match front and back.

Next, create your two layouts. You'll notice that the page will be split in two: a white part and a blue part. The white part is one card. During form design, you will only design a single card, but that card will be repeated when you print or preview. Create both the front and back, put images, variable data, etc... on the white portion. You don't put anything in the blue part(if an image goes outside the white portion, it will be truncated when you preview or print).

After that, you should be ready to print, and the top and bottom cards should have a different variable text.

Try following these steps, and let us know if it works!