The Objectif Lune newsgroups are meant to exchange information from user to user and user to Objectif Lune Crew. The newsgroups allow for discussion for general benefit - learn what the Objectif Lune product range has done for others and what it may do for your business.

To maximize the quality of your newsgroup experience, this FAQ offers a few rules and tips.

The Objectif Lune Newsgroup crew.

Opening a topic

If you want to open a topic regarding a question, please keep in mind the following:

  • Before posting an issue, make sure it is an issue. Review the steps taken, and view the integrated help (F1).
  • When opening a topic, be sure to choose an appropriate topic title. In order for a topic to be useful to others, it is important that the topic title covers the load. Topic titles like "help" or "doesn't work" provide the general idea of there being a problem, but don't provide information to other users browsing for problems similar to their own.
  • Be sure to check if a similar issue wasn't posted before. A good start is the newsgroup search - It is likely someone else has asked the same question, so you can speed up getting a solution by using the search. This ofcourse apart from the benefit of centralizing information if topics about the same subject are reused.
  • Provide a clear description on what has been tried, and the exact steps taken. Keep in mind that steps to get to a certain point may seem obvious to you, but may not be clear to those reading your topic. Provide a step by step procedure, including explanation on what happened and what in your opinion should have happened.
  • If a topic is not only meant to solve a problem, but also to start a discussion, be sure to provide a clear statement including arguments to support your views.
  • Keep in mind that expressing emotions online is not easy. Using a lot of exclamation marks will make it seem as if you are shouting. Smilies can affect how your posts are perceived. For more information, see this WikiPedia article.
  • Place your topic in the correct forums - this too helps navigation on centralizing information.
  • Do not cross post your issue into multiple forums or multiple topics. Progress in a discussion will be hard to track, most likely delaying a solution rather than speeding it up.
  • If a topic is closed, do not open a similar topic. If you feel your topic is closed without reason, please contact the newsgroup moderators to discuss the matter.

Posting in an existing topic
  • Always try to be helpful.
  • Show respect to other users.
  • Only respond on topic. Don't be tempted to respond to other users trying to post 'funny' responses. Ofcourse am 'at ease' stance is fine, but keep in mind the topic starter is probably looking for serious information.
  • Only respond if you intend to help the topic starter.
  • Do not try acting as if a moderator - If you feel something should be moderated, please inform the crew to prevent escalation within a topic.
  • One may find a question basic that someone else finds hard. Respect the fact that people are using products in different manners and don't make fun of them - everyone was a newbie at some point.
  • Try not to kick old topics unless you really feel your post adds must-read information about the issue. In most cases opening a new topic is preferred as other things may have changed in releases since a topic was started.
  • Do not post nonsense.