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#25126 - 01/21/09 04:50 PM Re: Extended characters
jonray74 Offline
OL Newbie

Registered: 01/21/09
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Loc: Toronto
oh my goodness!!! you my man are by far the most innovative PlanetPress script programmer i've known so far!!!

It works!!!!!!!!!!! wohoo!!! Thanks a lot!!!

*beer* for ya!

#25127 - 01/21/09 04:55 PM Re: Extended characters
Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre Offline
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My pleasure. smile

#25128 - 01/21/09 04:58 PM Re: Extended characters
Cathy Cox Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 11/05/08
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Loc: Bryan, Texas
I tried to add a bullet by using Alt + 0149 into a document. It shows up correctly on the screen but when i print the bullets don't display?

why would this happen? How can i fix it?

#25129 - 01/21/09 07:08 PM Re: Extended characters


A workaround might be necessary.
For example, in the style encoding, the character 230 could be replaced with the correct glyph (from the available glyphs list), then create a data selection, select custom data selection and use: =\'346'
346 is the octal correspondance for decimal 230.
It should print the bullet character.

#25130 - 01/29/09 03:54 AM Re: Extended characters
E-script Europe B.V. Offline
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Loc: Oss, The Netherlands

Perhaps the default encoding settings for your style in Design are set to Default in stead of i.e. Microsoft Windows Codepage 1252(Latin 1).

You can find this setting in PP Design, in your document structure at the "Styles" sub.
Doubleclick the style used en check the settings for "Encoding".

It should work fine, only subscript of superscript for the Registered sign isn't available in the fonts in PlanetPress.


Coen Harbers
E-script Europe B.V.

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