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#29758 - 11/07/08 01:58 PM PDF as data stream
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I'm seeing more and more customer projects where the only data stream involved is PDF. PDF provides a great medium for document portability and fidelity but horrible for doing media calls, conditions and logic.

It would be great to have a feature in PlanetPress that is "aware" of the text and graphics inside a PDF (I understand encrypted and imagebased PDF's are a different story). That way any of the normal data manipulation and formatting can be done without first having to open the PDF and print it through the Watch Windows Print Converter and then rebuild the layout in Design.


#29759 - 11/07/08 03:04 PM Re: PDF as data stream
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Very interesting suggestion, and, I must say, one whose requirements we've already been analyzing for a while.

I will definitely put that one in our database.

Make sure you check for any announcements on our web site to find out if and when it gets implemented.
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