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#29770 - 02/06/09 07:08 AM import of Print queues
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In ppwconfig, it is possible to import a process from another config. It would be really useful to me to be able to import a printer queue and global variables as well.

I have configs on different machines that mirror each other for resilience. Its essential that the setup is the same on each machine.

My current workaround is to hack the XML.


#29771 - 02/06/09 10:37 AM Re: import of Print queues
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Your prayers have been answered: the upcoming Version 7 will allow you to do just that. Global/Local variables, Printer queues and even Document references can be imported.

As for your next question (And when is Version 7 coming out exactly? - that was your next question, wasn't it? :-P ), I can't make a statement on that. It will definitely be this year. It will definitely be before the summer. It will definitely... Well... you may want to check our web site from time to time in the next few weeks for the official announcement.
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