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#29782 - 03/30/09 12:07 PM Image Transparency
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Please implement image transparency support beyond monochrome bitmaps. Transparency has been supported in various image formats for many years now, and I am always disappointed to find that this support has not been implemented in updated versions through-out the years. Your product would be so much more useful if we could insert full color images with transparent backgrounds.

I use a lot of scanned in signatures in the dynamic documents I create for certificates and other letters; however, I usually have to manually insert them into the static background design rather than using PlanetPress for what it is designed to do (dynamic content). If I convert them to a monochrome bitmap they lose anti-aliasing detail and end up looking very poor.
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#29783 - 04/02/09 09:18 PM Re: Image Transparency
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Bitmap transparency is definitely high on our liste of features to implement. Unfortunately, transparency is not always natively supported on print devices and even when it is, it can severely hinder performance. Printing a single transparent bitmap may seem quick enough for casual use, but printing many of them in the context of a production job could be painfully slow.

Rest assured we are always on the lookout for any new technology that may help us improve our products. And sometimes, we even to invent our own in order to achieve our goals. So don't despair, we'll eventually get there!
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