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#30069 - 04/21/09 05:57 AM help files
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Is it possible to download the help files for V7 onto the local installation, similar to the way V6 worked?

My servers do not have internet access, how do I access help?

Even on my PC it takes forever to get the help index loaded from the net everytime. (Busy internet connection).


#30070 - 04/21/09 10:09 AM Re: help files


Downloadable PDF versions of the documentation will be available shortly at the usual location (ie Download section of Objectif Lune's website, under Documentation). I will post again in here as soon as the packs are ready.

Please note that since we have moved to Online Documentation, these Help files (both online and in the download section) will be frequently updated, tweaked and modified, so it will be a good idea to often take a peek at the download section.

Alex L.

#30071 - 06/03/09 02:55 PM Re: help files
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Hi Alex,

Will it be possible to also get CHM/Help files as well as the PDFs? I was able to download the PDFs, but the CHM files from previous versions are fantastic because I can search and create "favorites". If not, no biggie, especially if the documentation will be updated regularly.

Thanks in advance.
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