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#30132 - 05/20/09 05:23 PM OCR font
drapley Offline
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I need an ocr b font for my document and I do not see one available in Planet Press. I added an ocr b true type font to the control panel fonts where design is running and I can now see and click on this font in Style in PPDesign but when I go back and check the properties of that style again PP has changed it to Mufferaw or Neuropol. - that is problem #1

To work around problem #1 I worked with my Ikon rep and we did the Install Post Script Font in PPDesign and installed the ocr b font as post script. Now the font show correctly when I am in design mode and preview mode but when I send my document through PPWatch it is no longer in the ocr b font in either the pdf output or the printed page - problem #2

I have a very big time crunch on this so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


#30133 - 05/20/09 05:30 PM Re: OCR font

Hi Danielle:

For time pressing issues, please open a support issue,

As to the font issue, are PlanetPress Watch and PlanetPress on the same computer? What operating system are you using?

#30134 - 05/20/09 06:30 PM Re: OCR font

Hi Danielle,

Try to use Optimized postscript mode to output your document. Please let us know if it helps. Thanks.



#30135 - 05/21/09 09:25 AM Re: OCR font
Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre Offline
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Make sure the fonts are installed on every machines involved. So if Design and Watch are on two separate machines, you need to install the font on both machines. Another good idea would be to make sure you check the option to embed the fonts in the PlanetPress Image Output properties(under the PDF tab, check "Embed all" in the Font options).

Note that not all fonts can be freely embedded in a pdf. Sometimes, there are restrictions on fonts regarding embedding. You'd need to contact your font's provider to know if you can get an embeddable version of the font.

In any cases, if this is an urgent matter, please open a technical support issue. We will be able to investigate the behavior of PlanetPress for problem 1, and confirm whether or not we can embed the font, and if so, we'll help you make sure it works. You can go to our web page, and then Services->Support->Report an Issue. Or, you can call 1-866-348-5863.