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#30239 - 07/29/09 01:19 PM Clipping path documentation
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I'm trying to find information on how to use the clipping path functionality which was added in PP Design 6.2, but when I search the PP Design reference manual for 'clipping' it doesn't find anything relevant. Where is this functionality documented?

I'd especially like to know if it's possible to warp the font using a 3D surface or anything of that sort so it would look correct superimposed on a curved object in the image, as well as see some examples of what can be done with the texture map option. (Would it be possible to convincingly simulate writing in sand on a beach?)


#30240 - 08/03/09 05:23 PM Re: Clipping path documentation

Hi dcarter,

I don't think the clipping was added to the documentation in version 6, but you can find a small tutorial video here:

Regarding the writing in sand on a beach, another of our products should suit your needs. It is called PrintShopMail, and has a connector to include "DirectSmile" dynamic images in the document to automatically apply this kind of effects to variable text. You can find more information here:

Hope this helps. Regards,