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#31283 - 05/15/09 05:48 PM SharePoint Integration
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What would be the best way to output documents into a SharePoint 2007 Server Document Library? Would this be a Send to Folder Output Task, or a PlanetPress Image Output Task, or is there a better way?

John Alexander

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#31284 - 05/17/09 09:48 AM Re: SharePoint Integration
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Hi John,

There is no *single* way to send documents to Sharepoint, as it depends solely on your specific implementation of Sharepoint.

In many instances, Sharepoint is set to monitor one or more folders in which files can be dropped. If that's the case, you should use PlanetPress Imaging to generate PDF files directly in one of those folders.

In other instances, Sharepoint is set to accept incoming documents through SOAP communications. You will have to see with your Sharepoint integrator how to access the SOAP server.

In all cases, you will probably have to have some kind of task (usually just a script) in your process to convert the PlanetPress Imaging index file into a format specific to your Sharepoint implementation. Again, talk with your Sharepoint integrator to find out what type of Index information the application is expecting.

Sorry to sound so vague, but Sharepoint is more of a *technology* than it is an off-the-shelf application. The numerous types of implementations make it extremely flexible and powerful, but they also preclude any sort of *generic* connection.
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#31285 - 05/18/09 01:41 PM Re: SharePoint Integration
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I've been experimenting with the SharePoint connection. I decided to go with the SOAP interface as it should allow "near" real time delivery of PlanetPress documents into SharePoint.

SharePoint, by default, comes with a large set of WSDL's to allow web service connections so that's where I started.

I think configuration will vary depending on your SharePoint system... are you using MOSS or WSS... standalone or farm? If you're using WSS, your site must be setup to use something other than SQL embedded edition (SQLEE) - embedded edition installs by default in a WSS standalone installation. This is because the PlanetPress SOAP connection requires remote connectivity with the SQL db and SQLEE apparently doesn't allow that (keep in mind all SharePoint objects are saved in a DB table).

Hope this helps,


#31286 - 05/18/09 05:15 PM Re: SharePoint Integration
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Thank you for the information! It has been extremely helpful.