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#31314 - 05/26/09 04:50 PM LPD Input
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I need to be able to use the Class attribute provided by the LPR output from the host. I don't seem to be able to capture this anywhere using the LPD input. Is there any way to capture the Class attribute?

#31315 - 05/27/09 02:28 PM Re: LPD Input
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What is the Class attribute? I have never heard of it before.

LPD Input will capture a file sent from an external source to an active LPD Queue. It captures the file "as is", without modifying it, and doesn't capture anything else.

Please provide more details about the Class attribute, so that we can determine whether or not there's a way to use it in PlanetPress Workflow.


#31316 - 05/27/09 03:44 PM Re: LPD Input
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The class attribute can be found in LPD control files (through the "C" command) when a banner page is specified (through the "L" command).

Unfortunately, PlanetPress Workflow ignores the Class attribute and there is no way to process it otherwise since the control file is removed from the system as soon as the Workflow tool is done parsing it.

I will add this to our Request For Enhancements database.
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