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#31317 - 05/27/09 04:36 AM Convert word documents to PDF?
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Just wondering if PlanetPress 7 Watch allows you to pick up word documents (via Folder Capture) and convert them to PDF? If so, what version of PDF is generated?


#31318 - 05/27/09 08:21 AM Re: Convert word documents to PDF?
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No, PlanetPress Watch does not have a PDF to Word conversion task. However, if you print those Word documents to the Objectif Lune Printer Driver that comes with version 7, your Word file can be captured and converted to PDF.

If you need an automated way to do this, a script could certainly be written to call word and have it automatically print documents to the same driver. However, to do this, you will need either the PlanetPress Office or the PlanetPress Production edition. Contact your reseller for more info on the upgrade paths that are available.

Hope this helps.
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