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#31356 - 06/04/09 08:55 AM EBCDIC 297
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How to translate EBCDIC 297 (French) in Watch ?
IBM EBCDIC 297 is not available. Is it possible to add it ?


#31357 - 06/04/09 09:28 AM Re: EBCDIC 297
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You're right, EBCDIC 297 isn't available in the Translator plugin, and it is not possible to add it, encoding tables are hard-coded. I don't think there are any plans to add it at the moment, so it may be better to save your data in a different encoding, or an external program in Watch that would do the conversion(if you can find such a program).


#31358 - 06/04/09 10:20 AM Re: EBCDIC 297
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While it's true that there are no immediate plans to add this specific encoding, it should be mentioned that you can add it yourself.

You can create your own custom encoding schemes (not just EBCDIC) by creating a TAB file and dropping it in the "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Suite 7\Plugins\Translator" folder.

Look in there and you'll see two existing instances of such files. The layout is simple: two columns, the first one being the source character, the second one is the destination character.

When you select a TAB file in the Translator task as your source encoding, the Target Encoding field becomes disabled because the TAB file contains both the source and the target encoding.

I hope this helps.
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