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#31383 - 06/16/09 12:31 PM Batch of Word Documents
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An application we have produces word documents into several folders throughtout the day.

We will use BizTalk to move these docoments to a watch'd folder and I was wondering how best to process them so that I can get the same results if I was to use the PP Printer Driver.

I need to use the batch equivilant of the winqueue input/planetpress driver as I need the meta data file. Can't see anything that that catches the eye in the various input/action tasks.

#31384 - 06/16/09 02:01 PM Re: Batch of Word Documents
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The problem here is that PlanetPress Suite does not have a plugin that can natively handle MS-Word documents.

The only thing I can think of is to have a process containing a Script that's going to open MS-Word through automation and make it print to the PlanetPress Printer Driver.

Then, another process simply captures those print files and the metadata will be generated automatically.

That kind of script goes way beyond the scope of this forum, though.
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