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#31479 - 08/04/09 12:07 PM Watch process working with PDF input
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I've been given a task to capture a pdf as an input, add another pdf dependant on a text criteria upon the original pdf and then output both pdfs to the same printer. Also if the additional pdf is not required to print the incoming pdf anyway.

Having upgraded to V7 I can now look at the pdf as an input source and select the area of text that holds the text for which the 2nd file is based, which i then hold as a variable.

My problem is
1) how to turn that variable into a lookup of a directory (I am currently trying using another variable containg the file location)

2) how to print both pdfs without modifying or degrading either of them.

I think once i have the location and file name in a single variable i could place that in my document design as an image using the variable as file location. but in my tests of pdf image placement the rasterising degrades the quality.

Any advice would be greatfully received


#31480 - 08/05/09 05:47 PM Re: Watch process working with PDF input


1)If the text found on the input PDF is not the 2nd PDFs name, you will have to create conditions that will associate the text found on the input PDF to a PDF name that will be called as the 2nd PDF. All of this is in the form design. Then in your image object (or using the showpdf PressTalk command), you will put the variable containing the path and name of the PDF to call.

2) The quality of the PDF should not be affected by PlanetPress in any way. We use Adobe libraries to generate our PDFs, so they should look the same as in Acrobat. Verify the PDF settings to ensure there is no quality loss, and make sure the PDFs do not use unsupported features that might have appeared in a PDF version later than what we support (Acrobat8/PDF 1.7 at this time). Also make sure all fonts are always embedded to prevent substitution.

I suggest you open a support call so we can have a look at your PDFs and help you better with their troubleshooting.



#31481 - 08/10/09 06:31 AM Re: Watch process working with PDF input
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Thanks Olivier

#31482 - 08/11/09 11:41 AM Re: Watch process working with PDF input
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With PlanetPress there is often more than one way of doing something. I suggest doing more in Watch and using a simple Document design. Here's a suggestion. The idea will be to:

Get your first PDF.

Find the path and name of the second PDF and place in variables.

Write the first PDF to a folder on a right-hand branch using the original file name.

On a further right-hand branch (off the main trunk lower down) place a secondary folder input and use the variables for path and file name of the second PDF to capture it.

Write the second PDF to the SAME FOLDER as the first PDF using the SAME FILE NAME AS THE FIRST PDF but tick the "Concatenate Files" box.

You now have a PDF file containing both of the files joined together.

On a further right branch off the main trunk, use another secondary folder capture to read the concatenated PDFs and send them to the printer output. The document now only needs to use the "set as background" feature (right click the data pane) to print both PDFs.

The main complication may be matching the strings in the first PDF to the path and file names of the second PDF. If you can arrange the names of the second PDF to correspond to the string in the first PDF that will be easiest. Then use a standard folder for all the second PDFs.

If you need to do a look-up conversion I suggest VBScript. You can either hard-code the look-up within the script or open a text file that contains the conversion. This can be easier to maintain.

One possibly major advantage of combining the files in Watch rather than in the Document is the Document can run printer-centrically.

Good luck.