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#33018 - 01/26/10 06:57 AM Update default data on template
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Is it possible, by any means, to allow a user to save changes to the default data in the text entry fields on a template?

I know I can do it easily through PSM and I can have the fields filled with the users profile information, but this doesn't solve the problem we have.


#33019 - 06/11/10 11:22 AM Re: Update default data on template


Better late than never...

The administrator can edit User Input Fields default values without modifying the PSM document by going to Settings Menu->Production->Input Fields defaults and create (or edit) a user input field that is associated with a specific form.

But I believe the user you are talking about might be more like a Customer than an administrator? For example, you would like a user placing the same order several times not having to re-input its data (via user input fields) each time.

I cannot simply tell you it's impossible because anything is possible when you are a programmer wink But to my knowledge, it's not built in the product.


#33020 - 06/14/10 05:20 AM Re: Update default data on template

Jobs can always be reordered at which stage it is possible to edit data, but it will keep the original data as default (as it is a reorder).

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