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#33203 - 09/01/10 05:48 PM Intelligent Mail Barcode Fonts (IMB)
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We are using PrintShop Mail 6.1.2 and are trying to setup a letter with Intelligent Mail Bar code on the upper part of the letter. Although we have downloaded the right font from USPS site we can not have it shown within the PrintShop Mail document! The same font shows just fine within a WORD document but not PSM!
Any ideas?

#33204 - 09/01/10 06:16 PM Re: Intelligent Mail Barcode Fonts (IMB) [Re: Kamran]
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For PSM 6, if you have installed the barcode fonts from the CD, there should be a font called "PSMOneCode", and is the one you should use for the IMB barcode.

If you don't have it, did you install a TrueType or OpenType version of the barcode font from the USPS site? If it's an OpenType, try to see if they have a TrueType version, and see if it works better.

Raphaƫl Lalonde Lefebvre

#33205 - 09/02/10 02:41 AM Re: Intelligent Mail Barcode Fonts (IMB) [Re: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre]
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The problem with the official IMB font is that it does not contain a glyph for '@'. This makes it impossible to apply that font to a variable in a text box, since the formatting of a variable depends on the formatting of the first '@'.

The PSMOneCode font has been modified to include a '@' glyph. I don't think you will be able to get this to work without PSMOneCode.

#33798 - 11/03/10 04:12 PM Re: Intelligent Mail Barcode Fonts (IMB) [Re: Sander vd Berg]
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Thank for the thread, this has solved my first issue with the IMB font. However, I need to ask if any one knows the accepted font size for the PSMOneCode?

We live in a small town and the local post office has no way to verify the accuracy of the Intelligent Mail Bar Code that will be generated.