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#34186 - 12/07/10 02:32 PM Expression Help
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Sorry for the simple question, but I'm a PlanetPress user and this interface is a bit new to me.

I'm trying to figure out how to apply a condition to a text box I have placed on the layout, so that it will only print when certain values appear in a field.

For example:

Field = 20 (Print TextBox1)
Field = 30 (Print TextBox2)
Field = 40 (Print TextBox3)

Can anyone give me a quick answer for this?


#34209 - 12/08/10 02:39 PM Re: Expression Help [Re: JDA]
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I am very new to planet press so I hope this helps. From within the design tool you would right click on the 'conditions' branch in the document structure and then select 'add' a condition. Once you get the condition described then you would right click on the text box and select basic attributes and select the condition that you just created from the drop down list.
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#34212 - 12/08/10 04:56 PM Re: Expression Help [Re: JDA]

1.- What you need to do is, under the Conditions link on the document structure, create a text based condition where you will be testing the values i.e. Condition1=20, Condition2=30 etc. Take a look at the interface of the conditions. They are very intuitive.

2.- Then go to the different textboxes on your document and under Basic attributes you will notice that the last combo box makes reference to Condition. At this point just apply the conditions that you created on the first step.



#34221 - 12/09/10 02:54 PM Re: Expression Help [Re: ]
Sander vd Berg Offline
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In PrintShop Mail you can't apply a condition to an individual box, you can only apply a condition to an entire layout.

What you can do is base the content of a text box on a variable that evaluates to an empty string when you don't want the box to appear in the output.

So for TextBox1 the content could simply be @a@, and the expression for "a" could be something like: IF (Field = "20", "Now we have content", "")

#34222 - 12/09/10 02:58 PM Re: Expression Help [Re: Sander vd Berg]


Is this for Planet Press or PrintShop Mail?

Please let us know so we can provide you with the proper solution and we can move the topic to the proper newsgroup if it is for Planet Press.