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#34504 - 01/11/11 10:08 AM New Feature, Is it possible
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Would it be possible to add a feature where, if you are printing multiple up on a sheet, to rotate any given image 180 degrees? We have quite a few jobs right now that have bleeds on one side of the 8.5 x 11 form. We need to have the ability to rotate the second image on an 11 x 17 form so that the bleeds end up in the center of the sheet. This eliminates the need to run over sixed stock, which reduces the waste when running. We would like to have this added to the repition part of the program so we don't have to modify the database.

#34512 - 01/11/11 11:35 AM Re: New Feature, Is it possible [Re: DShank]
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It is already possible to do this with some presstalk. Objects have an "Angle" property in their basic attributes that can be variable, and so you could give your object a conditional value using an "if" command as the angle's value. Example:

=if(&mycondition, 180, 0)

If &mycondition is true, it will rotate the object 180 degrees, otherwise it won't.

It is important to know that the rotation will use the top-left corner as the rotation's center, and not the center of the object. Therefore, you will probably also have to use conditional variable coordinates for the top and the left parameter, to make sure that the object is moved at the right place in case there's a rotation.

So I guess it's not a "simple" method, but it can be done.

Raphaël Lalonde Lefebvre