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#36227 - 06/01/11 05:25 PM Variable merge to Static Forms with Stitch
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We're trying to merge name&address into static forms in a repository but each address will some how indicate to pull a different assortment of these static forms, merge data, and then the stickler...somehow tell the printer to stitch each form set separately.

#36238 - 06/02/11 02:33 PM Re: Variable merge to Static Forms with Stitch [Re: wnm]
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First of all, please note that this is the "Feedback and Feature Requests" forum, for comments and suggestions on the software. For technical issues, in the future, please use the "PrintShop Mail Design" forum instead.

If I understand correctly, you want to have variable forms that will change on each records, and you'd like to staple the booklets on every records, correct?

What you can do is use layout conditions. By clicking on your layouts in the list of layouts(accessible through the Windows meny), you can go to the properties(you can go to the Windows menu, and select "Properties"), in the "Action" properties, it allows you to put a conditional expression to determine whether your layout will print or not.

You will create multiple sets of layouts, and each sets of layouts are going to have their own condition. So depending on each records, it will end up choosing the corresponding set of layouts to print for that record. And after that, an easy way to setup subset stapling is to simply set it up for the whole job in the Page Setup, and when printing, you can split the job on every records. Another method is to go to the Page Setup, enable stapling and booklet making on the first layout of each sets and choose "Current Layout" instead of "Whole Document", and then disable it on the last layout of every sets, using the same method. That doesn't always work on some printers, but will not result in multiple job files and can also perform better.

Now, these are general instructions, but this assumes you are familiar with the PSM basics. If you need more information about all of this, it may pay to visit the OL Learn website, and check out the documentation and tutorials available there. The OL Learn website is here:

Hope that helps!

Raphaël Lalonde Lefebvre

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