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#36441 - 06/28/11 08:47 AM Rights Issue
Wladimir Offline
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I have the following situation:

A PlanetPress Production installed on a Windows 2008 on a domain, it is not the domain controller.

Services start with the local server administror account.

The project modifies PDFs through a paused Windows queue.

When I print from the server console all goes well.

When I print from a Workstation, produces errors like W3070, etc

If I change the start of services to Local Service account, still fails.

If you change the start of services to a domain administrator user account, it works well.

Definitely looks like a rights issue.

What rights do I give to domain users for not cause problems?

#36442 - 06/28/11 09:14 AM Re: Rights Issue [Re: Wladimir]
Eric Lachance


W3070 can have multiple causes and is generally followed by a second error message that is more precise and more helpful. Can you list every error number you get?

Also, it may be a question of user rights as you suspect. If the printer is a network printer, then the issue is that your local account does not have the correct rights to send jobs to that network printer. What you need to do is to create a domain user that is administrator of the local PlanetPress machine and has the correct rights to access and send jobs to the printer (and any other network resource you want it to access). The PlanetPress services will use any account you give it and use its credentials, just like a regular Windows user. Basically, instead of asking "what rights do I give to the domain user", you should be asking yourself "what rights do I have on my account that let me print to this printer".