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#36476 - 06/30/11 05:31 AM Layouts on different paper sizes / paper
Lars Pisanec Offline
OL Newbie

Registered: 06/30/11
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Loc: Düsseldorf, Germany

I use Printshop Mail 7.1.1 on Windows XP SP3.
I print on an OCÉ Varioprint 4120 (Postscript, Printer driver version 2.1).

My problem:
I need to print an address on a custom paper size of 313mm * 210mm; each address has to be printed between 200 and 20000 times.
So far no problem, create a layout and under properties set the number of copies to a field from the database that contains the number of copies required.

I also want to print a cover sheet at the start of each new address. This cover sheet is 5mm larger than the paper I have to print the address on.

I added another layout and resized it to 318mm * 215mm. Under page setup I opened the printer settings and made the right settings for the cover sheet paper (format+paper type), then I chose the right paper format and paper tray for the cover sheet in the page setup dialog of Printshop Mail and applied it to this layout only.

I did the same for the second layout with the actual address on it, but of course chose the format of 313mm * 210mm and another paper type / tray and applied it to the second layout only.

If I now want to print this document, I use the document/print menu and don't open the printer settings from the dialog that pops up. Settings are "optimised postscript", print all records.

The problem is: the print job will only contain one paper size and one paper type; the one from the cover sheet, i.e. 318mm * 215mm and the paper type from the cover sheet for all pages!

It should have two paper sizes and paper types:
318mm * 215mm and paper type "cover sheet" for the first layout
313mm * 210mm and paper type "address" for the second layout and all its copies.

If the first and second layout paper sizes have a much bigger difference, e.g. first layout is A3 and second layout is A4, the print job will contain the two different paper sizes as it should; but both will have the same paper type from the first layout instead of different ones.

I cannot get Printshop Mail to actually output the right paper type for each layout, it always uses the paper type from the first layout in the document. I printed to a postscript file and there was no trace of a different paper type in the whole file.
What else concerns me is, that if the paper sizes for different layouts are close to each other (like in my example where the cover sheet is only 5mm larger), it will show up as only one paper size for the whole job at the control station of the printer.

Kind regards,

#36481 - 06/30/11 09:22 AM Re: Layouts on different paper sizes / paper [Re: Lars Pisanec]
Lars Pisanec Offline
OL Newbie

Registered: 06/30/11
Posts: 2
Loc: Düsseldorf, Germany
updated Printshop Mail to 7.1.3, no change in output behaviour.