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#37238 - 09/18/11 08:18 AM CPU and RAM
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Can PSM benefit from a fast CPU or a lot of RAM when the output is optimized PS? Obviously more is usually better, but I don't know what resources this app uses. Some apps take a lot of RAM and barely use the CPU. I want to install on the optimum configuration. The PC will have no other function but to output optimized PS to several printers. I don't want to purchase the fastest I7 chip if it is just going to idle. Any recommended configurations are appreciated.

#37244 - 09/19/11 09:52 AM Re: CPU and RAM [Re: LesD]
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A good start would be to check the release notes for minimum hardware requirements:

So a 3 Ghz CPU and 2 Gb of ram should allow you to run most jobs. However, on my machine, an instance of PrintShop Mail takes up about 138 mb of memory, so if you have a lot of other things running, having 4 Gb RAM or higher would be a good idea.

As far as the optimal hardware goes, keep in mind that it's very relative to the jobs that you are processing. If you process a simple form with just a logo and some text, it's going to be very fast even if you're below the minimum requirements. On the other hand, if you use a lot of very large, high resolution variable images, you will find that it will take a long time to produce the job, even if you run on a system that's above the minimum requirements.

It's also good to take the printer into account. If you send large jobs to the printer, it may take some time to print, and won't print faster because you use a better computer. The job may preflight and compile faster, but once sent to the printer, the computer it came from has no impact on the printing speed. So in the end, upgrading the computer will only do so much, and you'll get diminishing returns if you go toward the high end PCs.

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