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#38808 - 03/15/12 01:45 PM Central Font Location
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Is there a way to change the directory path that the Design tool looks for TrueType fonts? (other than the Windows desktop font folder)We want to create a central font location on the server that Planet Production is on, that way all copies of the design tool on all the different desktops would be using the exact same fonts. That way each desktop doesn't have a different set of fonts that has to be managed. It becomes a problem when you have to add a font to one desktop you have to go around to all the others and the server and edit them. (Real pain when you load Design on a new computer)

If such a thing doesn't exist it's a feature that should be added to Planet Production where are the Design tools on the desktops would link into the font library the Planet Production is using on the server. Then when you make a change on the server it updates for all the desktops.

#38809 - 03/15/12 01:56 PM Re: Central Font Location [Re: cpamc]
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It's not possible to do this with True Type fonts in the current version, as we rely on Windows to provide us with the list of available fonts.

I will move this into the feature request section of the Forums.
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