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#39435 - 05/02/12 03:37 AM Printing layouts sequentially
Peter Hebbinckuys Offline
OL Newbie

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Loc: Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
I have several documents with each sometimes up to 6 layouts (page 1 - 6 from one PDF each). And each personalization consists of 520 records.
I now want to print to one PDF containing all 6 layouts in sequential order. 520 pages with layout 1, then 520 pages with layout 2 and so on.
Default, PSM7 is printing record 1, with layout 1-6, and then starts with record 2 with layout 1-6.
I know I can skip and print layouts but in that case I get seperate PDF's.

Thnx in advance

#39439 - 05/02/12 10:57 AM Re: Printing layouts sequentially [Re: Peter Hebbinckuys]
Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre Offline
OL Expert

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Unfortunately, PrintShop Mail doesn't have the ability to print all records on layout 1, then all records on layout 2, etc... Using the "number of copies" will not move the records forward, so this isn't an option.

Your best bet is probably to duplicate records in your data file. Copy the 520 records six times. Then, use layout conditions based on the RECORD_NR() function, that returns the current record's number. So you could use a condition on layout 1:

IF(RECORD_NR() <= 520, Print, Skip)

Then on layout 2:

IF(RECORD_NR() >= 521 AND RECORD_NR() <= 1040, Print, Skip)

And so on for the rest of the layouts. In the end, this will produce the output you want, in one single pdf, instead of multiple pdf.

Raphaël Lalonde Lefebvre

#39473 - 05/04/12 02:05 PM Re: Printing layouts sequentially [Re: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre]
cosimo Offline
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