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#39752 - 06/05/12 05:23 AM Multiple email recievers
Niclas Welander Offline
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Loc: Sweden

I have a customer that want the "Thank you for your order" email to be sent to more than one reciever. Is this possilbe in the "User" email field to put in two adresses?

For example;
I have tried most variationst without any success. Please help

Best regards Niclas Welander

#39786 - 06/06/12 11:58 AM Re: Multiple email recievers [Re: Niclas Welander]

Hi Niclas,

I have just performed some test on my PC and I was sucessful at sending to multiple recipients at once.

When you are talking about the "User" field could you be more precise to exactly where that field is?

Do you use Image to send emails or do you use the send to email plug-in?

If you use image do you use the option "Use Document Email Address"? Or do you simply enter a name in the "TO" field?

I have tested with both Image and send to email and in the "TO" field I was able to use more then one email address. I used the semi-colon in between addresses.


And it sucessfully sent the email to both addresses.

Let me know if this helps you.

Best Regards,


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#39787 - 06/06/12 12:22 PM Re: Multiple email recievers [Re: ]

Hi Niclas,

I am sorry I thought this was for Planet Press.

I will do some research and get back to you on how to do this in PrintShop mail Web.