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#40453 - 08/22/12 11:18 AM Raffle Ticket
PrintsPlus Offline
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I am new to PrintShop Mail and am trying to learn on the fly. I am making a Raffle Ticket to post on Printshop Mail web and I have a few questions. I found out how to put a counter on the ticket, although it starts with "1" rather than "00001" like I would like. Also, I have 2 text boxes made, 1 for a title and 1, a paragraph, for the tickets information. I would like the customer to be able to type in the information and submit the project. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

#40455 - 08/22/12 11:34 AM Re: Raffle Ticket [Re: PrintsPlus]
Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre Offline
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For the counter, it already has the ability to add leading zeroes, you just need to put all the parameters to the COUNTER function. Example:

COUNTER(1, 10000, 1, 5, True)

This will create a counter of 1 to 10000, incrementing by 1 on every records, having a minimum of 5 digits and True means it will add zeroes if we have less than 5 digits. So records 1 will be 00001, record 10 will be 00010, etc...

Typing and submitting information will be handled automatically by PrintShop Mail Web if you have a user-input field. To make a user-input field, create your text box, create a variable in it, then in it's expression editor, just put any field name that you want between square brackets. This field doesn't need to exist in your data base, it will be used as a user-input field. So you can just type [FieldName] to make a new field. It will then appear in your list of data fields, and if you click on it, you'll see in it's Properties than the source is set to "User input". This means that when you order this document through PrintShop Mail Web, the customer will be able to type the values that he wants, submit them and those information will print in the proper text box.

Hope that helps!

Raphaël Lalonde Lefebvre

#52457 - 09/30/15 08:36 PM Re: Raffle Ticket [Re: PrintsPlus]
Jeffrey Loh Offline
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In Printshop Mail Connect, how can I read a data and generate a counter. It seems I can only do one under File --> Add Data

#52458 - 10/01/15 07:11 AM Re: Raffle Ticket [Re: PrintsPlus]

You may also find this helpful for counters:

This will be relevant to the number of data records you have.

If you want to use counters without a data file, look to Edit\Preferences\Program - Items without a database.

Be careful with 'Items without a database' and Counters as you can inadvertently allow repeated values if you over allocate
items. IE:Items without a database set to 500, counter 1-100 = 5 sets of 1-100.

#52460 - 10/01/15 07:17 AM Re: Raffle Ticket [Re: PrintsPlus]
Evelyne Lachance

Hi Jeffrey,

In PrintShop Mail Connect, the use of the "Generate Counter" Data Mapping wizard is the only way that is currently available, in order to generate simple counters.

There are ways to kind of get around that up to a point but they are complex and require the use of an external counter file, because there is currently no variable for "current page in job" available in Connect. This may be available in a future version.

So yes, this means you can't mix and match your own data with the counter, or at least not without the use of a script and perhaps an external database of some sort.

In the future, for any support for PrintShop Mail Connect, please use the following URL instead of this forum, which is for PrintShop Mail "classic". This is why Jeff responded with information about 7.2 (missing that one word `Connect` is easy enough!).