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#41774 - 12/19/12 11:17 AM Textfield moving up suddenly
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I have to print some numbers on a sheet with PSM 7.2.1 on Windows, printing on a Konica Minolta production printer. I have layouted the sheet to use repetition (6 times). I have to print 300.000 numbers and I send 1500 numbers at once.

When I start printing, everything is fine, the six numbers on sheet are on the correct position. After some sheets (sometimes after 300 sheets sometimes after 2000 sheets, can't say exactly) the six numbers are moving up a bit (about 4mm) and stay there until I finished the job. The same fun at the next day: I have to move the numbers down again, print some sheets until the numbers are moving up, then I have to correct the layout within PSM and everthing is working until the end.

Can somebody give me a hint on that problem?
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#41775 - 12/19/12 02:05 PM Re: Textfield moving up suddenly [Re: alex99999]
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That's certainly an odd issue... Are you getting this issue only when you print? If you do Save AS PDF instead, are you getting the same problem on the PDF files?

If you only get this on the printer, then have you tried using a different driver? What about printing to a different printer? Are you getting the same issue on another printer?

In your PrintShop Mail document itself, are you using PDF files, like a pdf background? If so, try removing it(just as a test)... does the problem still occur without the pdf?

These are things you could start with. Let us know how it goes!

Raphaƫl Lalonde Lefebvre

#41776 - 12/19/12 04:05 PM Re: Textfield moving up suddenly [Re: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre]
Olivier J


This could very well be a case of sheets slipping when pulled by the rolls in the physical input tray, let's say when your paper gets down to a certain level, it slips. Can you print using different stock? from a different tray? Or as Raphael mentioned, from a different printer and still get the issue? The PDF output will definitely tell you if the problem is with the hardware or software.