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#41923 - 01/14/13 04:13 PM Checkbox
PrintsPlus Offline
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I just started uploading documents and would like add a checkbox list or drop down menu for variable data documents. I want the customer to be able to select from a list of media colors.

#41932 - 01/15/13 12:44 PM Re: Checkbox [Re: PrintsPlus]


In each document you publish to the web, you will be able to add a text box outside your layout page where you will create a variable (@myvariablename@). This variable should be “user input” by default. You will then be able to edit the expression and create a field, this you could name [media type]. Then publish the form to the web.

Then in the PrintShop Mail Web Interface follow the link below:

You will be able to include a drop down list for the field you have just created. You cannot do a drop down list for documents. Each document must be publish to the Web Interface. It is within the document that you will be able to add inputs from the user using this method.

If this is not exaclty what you are looking for, please provide us with more information.


#43826 - 06/17/13 02:07 AM Re: Checkbox [Re: ]
Roffe Offline
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Hello JF

I came across this post now, and did a test on this.
Seems to work fine.
However, the new variable ("Media") is not visible anywhere in the order, seen from the operators side. This means he cannot make use of the input from the customer.
Any comments on this?

#43846 - 06/18/13 08:02 AM Re: Checkbox [Re: PrintsPlus]
Tom R. Offline
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You right Roffe, we can see this information anywhere else.
But in case of the "PrintPlus" querie, we make something who can helped :
In document création , you can link a variable with an image you load.
So, you can give the choice for user to chose a media color, and directly see in the softproof. And this, Operator can see it too.
For sure, dont forget to make this variable image "non printable".

We made this for envelope with or without window, and for paper choice.
Works like a charm.

Remember that options that changes fees is not the philosofy of psm. (currently)

hope this help.