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#42349 - 02/18/13 03:10 PM PostScript Custom Page Size
BurtSherry Offline
OL Newbie

Registered: 04/28/10
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Loc: USA
I am printing to a Canon Imagepress 6010 running a Fiery controller.
My desktop is a Win 7 x64 machine with the Canon printer installed and working. The Fiery is a Win XP x64 machine.
I print to the printer all the time, no problems (usually), I also print to my OKI MPS9650c printer through PSM 7 with no problems.
I am trying to use a custom paper size, 10"x14" that I have used in the past. For whatever reason it is not available in my drop down menu when I go to Page Setup and then size. It is available in my printers server properties, I have made many custom paper sizes in the past and they have always worked. This is a separate issue I know, just thought I would throw it in there to see if anyone has any idea's.
So being as I could not use my custom size, I figured I would just use PostScript Custom Page Size and go about it that way. When I select PostScript Custom Page Size, there is no way to change the size in the Page Setup, but in Advanced Options, I can make a PostScript Custom Page Size in my Fiery Options. For whatever reason, it is not transferring over to PSM and letting me see that custom size, so it is defaulting to 8.5"x11".
Any ideas?
I know with my OKI, I just go to server properties and make a new custom paper, then it is available in the Page Setup, Size selection.

#42372 - 02/19/13 10:02 AM Re: PostScript Custom Page Size [Re: BurtSherry]
Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre Offline
OL Expert

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Loc: Objectif Lune Montreal

Normally, the Server Properties is where you can define custom sizes, so maybe you should try to recreate the custom page size and see if it takes it. Also close and restart PrintShop Mail to make sure that it will reload the list of sizes properly.

If that doesn't work, you can try the PostScript Custom Page Size, though as you've already figured out, PrintShop Mail doesn't treat it any differently that another page size(it's not "custom", as far as PSM is concerned). To configure it, you need to go to the Advanced settings, and set the custom size there. It should then take it.

However, if that still doesn't work, then it could be that the driver isn't passing standatd PostScript options, and works differently. (one way you could confirm this is by trying a different driver, and see if it sees the custom need to actually try printing, just see if it takes the options, to confirm that it's a driver issue) Perhaps the Fiery configuration options are not recognised by PrintShop Mail as printer postscript commands, preventing it from recognising them and using them. With that said, I would still try to actually print, and see how it comes out, as it might still end up using the correct size if you configured it in the driver. But to see it in PrintShop Mail, you might need to use a pure PostScript driver, if available. (you might want to check your manufacturer's web site, and see if there's alternative drivers that you can use)

Let us know how it goes!

Raphaël Lalonde Lefebvre

#42864 - 03/25/13 11:58 AM Re: PostScript Custom Page Size [Re: BurtSherry]
BurtSherry Offline
OL Newbie

Registered: 04/28/10
Posts: 17
Loc: USA
Well Raphaël, apparently you were right about Fiery configuration options not being recognized by PrintShop Mail as printer postscript commands, but I did print the file anyways and it printed correctly.
So I guess when this problem occurs again, I will just print one and see what happens.
PS: Fiery and I do not get along to well. LOL
Thanks Raphaël!!!