I've spent some time trying to decipher the way the On Error settings work.

What I've come up with is that configuring the On Error tab at the root Process level will apply the same settings to any new steps that are created. Also, clicking the Rset To Defaults button will copy those same settings to the current step.

The confusion came in when using a setting of 'Default' as the Action. Given the 'Reset To Defaults' button, I made the assumption that 'Default' would default to the settings on the Process. In fact, it actually means 'Ignore' the error (as per the old documentation).

What I would like to see is a new radio button added, I guess called 'Ignore'. This would have the same underlying functionality as the current 'Default' option. The 'Default' option would then simply use whatever settings are on the Process level, making it a proper default action, and removing the ambiguity.

Cheers, Rob.