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#43933 - 06/21/13 03:39 PM Install IMAGE on separate machine / CPU
ricks Offline
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We are pondering the process of installing our Image license on a separate PC. Are there hints or helpful info on how to set this up?

I know that when we create PDF files, the PS files are "built" in Production Watch - then moved to the Image to render the PDF.

When we are "reading" PDF files though, for pulling PDF pages into a PS print-stream only, are we using Image or Alambic at that point?

Similarly when we have a Watch process that uses VBscript to call Alambic code to extract text or manipulate PDF files, how is that "Watch process" interacting with Image.

Thanks for your input on how Image (Alambic) might be setup to enhance our processing speeds when dealing with PDF files in a reading or manipulation type access need.


#43934 - 06/21/13 03:44 PM Re: Install IMAGE on separate machine / CPU [Re: ricks]
Evelyne Lachance


When you install PlanetPress Imaging on a separate machine, the only thing that will change is whether or not PDFs created using the "Image" output connector are generated locally, or on the separate server.

PDF Tools provided by Office/Production such as CreatePDF, using PDFs as a data file, or the Concatenate PDF task, are not affected by this move.

Converting incoming postscript print jobs in PDF format is unafected.

Digital Action will still render PDFs using Workflow's Alambic instances, as long as PlanetPress Imaging is installed on the same subnet mask (192.168.0.X for example).

So really, only the Image output task is affected by this.

#43936 - 06/21/13 04:03 PM Re: Install IMAGE on separate machine / CPU [Re: ricks]
Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre Offline
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Hi Rick,

One thing to consider when installing Image on another machine is that you may have to configure the "Access Manager" to allow this machine to be able to communicate with the Workflow server. However, because you are only installing Image, you will not have access to the "Access Manager" interface. You will have to manually edit the "hosts.allow" file that comes with PlanetPress. It should be in this folder:

C:\ProgramData\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Suite 7

Or "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Suite 7" if you are on Windows XP or 2003.

The syntax, while simple to understand, isn't documented, so I recommend that you copy it from the Workflow machine, and just change it as necessary.

Raphaël Lalonde Lefebvre

#43938 - 06/23/13 12:12 PM Re: Install IMAGE on separate machine / CPU [Re: ricks]
ricks Offline
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Registered: 04/17/10
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thanks to all for the info.