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#44681 - 08/16/13 10:45 AM Poor menu visibility
stuartg Offline
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I find that many of the menu options in PPDesign have poor visibility with the words truncated, cut off vertically or overprinted.
It doesn't apply to most of the options that fit on one line of text but does apply to those that take up more than one line.
For example, on the snapping points tab of an object, the words "Snap to previous object" and "Set snapping point" are both truncated vertically so that the top half of the top line and the bottom half of the bottom line are missing.
This is because I have set larger fonts on my display (control panel -> display -> set font size to 150%).
If I reset the font size to default then PP displays correctly, but I have to squint to see the microscopic text.
The strange thing is that, for most of the places where the text is mangled, there is no obvious reason why it has been put on two lines instead of one (which would display correctly).
I'm using V7.5.1 on Windows7.
Hope you can improve this for a future release.

#44696 - 08/19/13 09:23 AM Re: Poor menu visibility [Re: stuartg]
Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre Offline
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The reason why the text is cut-off or wrapped on a second line is most likely because all the text labels that you see in PlanetPress are placed inside of "label" boxes. And these have a fixed width, so when the font scaling is increased in Windows, it's unaware of it, and so it will either cut off the text, or wrap it on a second line, since it exceeds the label's width.

It would be nice if the label properly scaled, but I'm not certain if it can easily be done, and furthermore, it might require a redesign of the user-interface to accomodate the possibility of fonts scaling(so that you don't end up with text overlapping due to a label being too long, for example...). Considering this problem has always been there in all versions of the software, and since there has been very little complaints about it over the years, I wouldn't bet on it being fixed in the near future.

Raphaël Lalonde Lefebvre