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#44815 - 08/29/13 12:40 PM question for upgrading Production server
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Hi guys,

Some jobs we have are large quantity high resolution jobs and it seems to take hours for pdf files to come out of Production. I have 2 questions about PlanetPress.

1.) Is the PlanetPress Production software multi-threaded / multi-process? If we give it more cores / cpu's will it run faster?

2.) Is it 64 bit or 32 bit?

Thank you !

#44816 - 08/29/13 12:53 PM Re: question for upgrading Production server [Re: dweg]

Hi Dweg,

To answer your questions.

1- Yes PlanetPress can multi-thread if the process is Designed that way of if Image is used to create the PDF files. But with that said there are many things to take into consideration.

How the process is built will have a very large effect on the time it takes to create the PDF files. Are you creating multiple small PDF files? Or are you creating one large PDF file?

It is very hard for me to make any real suggestions as we would have to take a look at how the form is built/process.

2- PlanetPress is a 32bit application, but each of the services of PlanetPress can use up to 2GB of memory. So for example - the PPWatchservice.exe/Messenger service/and the many instances of ppalambic can each use up to 2GB of ram.

At this point there are many different things that could be done to improve performance. But I would strongly suggest you open up a support call so one of our technicians can look at the way your form is Designed and look at your process.


#44817 - 08/29/13 12:54 PM Re: question for upgrading Production server [Re: dweg]
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1) it is if you want it to be: you can make processes self replicating, the process will copy itself and alambic will run in a new instance

2) it runs on 64 bit so no problem there excluding ram restraints but it is indeed a 32bit app

expressions such as pdf files, large quantities and such are quite subjective wink so please elaborate and i'm sure one of the experts will have one or two things to say about that one.

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#44820 - 08/29/13 03:28 PM Re: question for upgrading Production server [Re: dweg]
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On this particular job we're pushing 6000 records through on one process. Simple record set in a d-base file. Simple address block is all that's in the template but the problem seems to be 32 two-page pdf files (4x6 inch postcard) that are around 3 megs each. Each record uses a unc path to variably pull one of those 2-page images (front and back). I've set "image" to create a pdf with a resolution of 600 dpi. The process has been running for about 5 hours now without seeing one file come out. I put in a splitter to output 1 file for every 1000 records.
Note that other jobs come out in a reasonable amount of time.

I'm not to sure what you mean about processes self replicating...

Thanks for your input.

#44823 - 08/30/13 04:40 AM Re: question for upgrading Production server [Re: dweg]
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Hi Dweg,

I don't think this is regarding Licenses, Activations and OL Care.
If you could re post this in Planet Press Workflow or for fast response contact support for this specific issue.

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