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#46308 - 01/06/14 06:37 AM a warning would be nice if...
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... I use a 2D-Barcode with 3 chained variables and one of their fields is missing in the connected database.

Normally PrintShop throws a warning if a datafield is missing, but not if the field is only used in a barcode.

for example:
The field "MyDatafield" is not found in the connected database...
If I use:
barcode = [MyDatafield]
I get the Warning "emty data for barcode"

but if I use:
barcode = [MyDatafield] & "12345"
barcode = [MyDatafield] & [MyExistingDatafield]

I get NO warning...

This would be really nice in the next update wink

#46355 - 01/08/14 12:48 PM Re: a warning would be nice if... [Re: micha]
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Hi micha,

I think this is because the data is not "empty". One field is, but the other information is there, so the barcode data is not empty. Hence no warning.

Not sure if adding a warning message would be a good thing, as there could be cases where you might actually not want a warning message for this. In some cases, a field could be optional, sometimes there, sometimes not, and treating it as a warning could lead peoples to think they're doing something wrong when they aren't. For example, if I had a barcode with this expression:

[DataField1] & [DataField2] & [OptionalDigits]

If "OptionalDigits" is empty, I would not expect a warning, since it's optional.

Raphaël Lalonde Lefebvre