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#46586 - 01/28/14 02:56 PM Trigger printer from SQL server or C#
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I am rewriting a old informix application with .NET and SQL server 2000. The old informix application using PlanetPress 5 to do the print job. All I can see is 2 lines of the code (Print "!PS-Adobe" and Print "(xxxx) run xxxx") to trigger the printer. Is there any documentation or sample I can take look see how to send print job to the printer from C# or SQL server? we are not going to change the form or anything already made. just to send data to the print from a different application.


#46588 - 01/28/14 04:00 PM Re: Trigger printer from SQL server or C# [Re: szhk]
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Hi szhk,

The two lines of code:

(xxxx) run xxxx

Are the lines that triggers the document on the printer. When this file is sent directly to the printer, it will load the form that is resident on the printer.

So, I guess you need to have your C# application generate a text file containing the name of the printer-resident document that you want to call, and send it to the printer. It has to be sent directly(not through a driver), so maybe use something like the lpr protocol or anything else that would send it directly to the printer.

As to how to do that exactly, I'm afraid I can't help you. Not much C# experience, and besides, this is a forum for PlanetPress, not third-party applications. Your best bet is to search on Google for code samples.

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