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#47384 - 04/01/14 07:54 AM Fossilised remains
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I'm unfortunatly a user of a piece of fossilised software - PReS 2000 102

Updating to a version from this centuary is not permitted here.

I have a manual and a help file. Both refer to the abilty to 'debug' 'step through' and use 'break points' - just like a real language.

Wilst I have a 'debug' check box in the compile menu, I cannot set break points or show a debugger toolbar.

I have tried setting keyboard shortcuts and viewed all menus to no avail. The antiquated piece of software just ignores the inputs with no indication that its aware I have pressed a key.

Is there anyone still living who may remeber this unpleasent beast? If so, perhaps you may know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in anticipation of any help, in case this is premature - any one have a sturdy piece of rope?

I'm sure this was a great product in its time.... just wish we were not still trying to operate it so far after its 'use by' date.

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#47390 - 04/01/14 09:59 AM Re: Fossilised remains [Re: shelfStacker]

As you noted, v2000 is quite dated and unsupported. The current version is v6.30.

In the PReS IDE editor, when you select your output language, look up a few lines and ensure "DEBUG" is checked. This enables the functionality in print controls. Then you can access debug features in the print control.