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#48351 - 06/13/14 10:31 PM Appending an output file when splitting
pmmsuperman Offline
OL Newbie

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Loc: Texas
We use PlanetPress image as part of an output file split process for bill production. I need to append the resulting PDFs of individual bills with another PDF of the insert that goes into the envelope. The final step is for this appended PDF to be released into our ECM (Laserfiche).

I know this can easily be done in the main workflow; however, I can't append the Bill PDFs before they go to the printer--handled by the main workflow--because the bill insert isn't produced in-line. The other issue is flexibility. My preference is to leave the bill production workflow alone. My thinking is that if I can append the files through Image, it might give me the flexibility I need to support monthly insert changes without the risk of changing my main workflow.

#48357 - 06/16/14 09:36 AM Re: Appending an output file when splitting [Re: pmmsuperman]

Good morning pmmsuperman,
this issue would be best handled internally, so that we can best assist you on this issue. Follow the link below, open up a Support ticket, and contact us directly.


#48367 - 06/16/14 02:05 PM Re: Appending an output file when splitting [Re: pmmsuperman]
pmmsuperman Offline
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Registered: 12/04/12
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Loc: Texas
No thanks. If you can't answer, it means you can't do it.
Thanks anyways.

#48368 - 06/16/14 02:17 PM Re: Appending an output file when splitting [Re: pmmsuperman]
Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre Offline
OL Expert

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Hi pmmsuperman,

Being referred to technical support doesn't mean that our software cannot do what you ask. Very often, in order to provide an accurate, detailed answer, we need to see your Workflow configuration and your files, because of all the variables that could be involved. Such things are not easily explained over the newsgroup, and are better explained on the phone, or better yet, through a remote session. This is why you are being referred to technical support.

In this particular case, based on what you describe, it seems you're looking for some kind of synchronized pdf concatenation. Such thing CAN be done, but not necessarely easily with just one or two simple actions. This is why someone needs to look at it with you, in order to determine what's the best approach.

Hope that clarifies things.

Raphaël Lalonde Lefebvre

#48534 - 07/01/14 01:39 PM Re: Appending an output file when splitting [Re: pmmsuperman]
wags Offline
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Objectif Lune's support is great. You can actually talk with a real person and they'll work with your workflow and data to diagnose whatever might be going on. I recently encounted a weird bug and it ended up being a known issue they knew about. They offered suggestions for workarounds and now I'm back in business. I would have been pulling my hair out otherwise!