I was wondering if it would be possible to have a feature added or current features augmented, to basically take a paragraph, with variables, underlines or other control sequences, and/or font changes in a rotated font and at an angle matching that rotated font.

At the moment, all I can really do is one line of text at a time, with variables only. I can't do underlines(reliably) if there is a variable preceding the underline or if the variable itself is being underlined. I can't do font changes (like bolding one word) within an angled and rotated line of text.

I have figured a way to kind of simulate word wrapping by using LENGTH command and having a general idea of the length with a^2 + b^2 = c^2, but that can get kind of messy if there is more than one variable, and causes a huge excess of complicity that probably shouldn't exist.

I was wondering if would be possible to develop the DRAWTEXT command to be capable of using L=$wraplength'd fields, whether by direct coding or using TRFREAD, for example:
TXTBUFFER = "Sentence with !1!Font!0! changes and !U=ON!underlines!U=OFF! in it"
wordwrap txtbuffer, numeric_field, 'L', 3
drawtext txtbuffer L=$wraplength, 81

;TRF page 0 has the following text in it: 
;        Sentence with !1!Font!0! changes and !U=ON!underlines!U=OFF! in it
wordwrap txtbuffer, numeric_field, 'L', 3
drawtext txtbuffer L=$wraplength, 81

where The fonts loaded in position 0 and 1 are something like:
0 = D#<N=Arial><P=11><R=81><C=ANSI>
1 = D#<N=Arial><S=BOLD><P=11><R=81><C=ANSI>

Thank you for for time.