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#49331 - 09/12/14 01:49 PM 250 Pads numbering 1-250 50 sheets each 1-50 ?
dwheeler Offline
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We are looking to do 250 Pads numbered 1-250 with 50 sheets per pad numbering each sheet 1-50 how do set this up thru print shop mail your first pad would be 1.1 The last sheet on that pad would be 1.50 the last Pad would start with 250.1 12500 sheets total need help setting this up
Thank you

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#49337 - 09/15/14 10:45 AM Re: 250 Pads numbering 1-250 50 sheets each 1-50 ? [Re: dwheeler]

Create a variable where you need the indication, then use the following expression for that variable (important to note it might need tweaking depending on simplex/duplex and exact requirements/definitions etc.):

STR(INT(COUNTER(1,500,1/50))) & "." & STR(COUNTER(1,50))

One could alternatively replace the 1st counter statement by PAGE_NR()/50 or LAYOUT_NR()/50 (can use print preview to review the output, and use /100 if using duplex to account for the 2 pages per sheet for example).

In the above setup the 500 can be made larger to allow printing more pads before the 1st counter restarts at 1 etc.

Hope this helps, kind regards.