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#50716 - 02/02/15 09:16 AM PSM looses settings for the printer?
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we have an annoying problem with PSM:

If I create a new PSM file for a job, I can select the correct printer, set some simpex/duplex on the layouts and I use some different papertrays on the layouts and so on. Save the psm-file.

A collegue opens that psm later for printing this job from his own computer. Sometimes (not always!) the settings for simplex/duplex/papertray are lost. My collegue has to re-set all this stuff again.
But sometimes the settings still exist and my collegue can print the job immediately without re-applying all the stuff.

Why? What information has to be set equal on all computers to not get that information lost?

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#50742 - 02/03/15 04:37 PM Re: PSM looses settings for the printer? [Re: alex99999]
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Hi Alex,

PSM saves the driver information and settings inside of the documents. (PSM uses most settings from the driver, not itself) So when you move them to another machine, it expects to find the same driver on the new machine. So ideally, the other machine should have a printer queue that has the same name, and uses the exact same version of the driver. If the queue has a different name, and/or the driver has a different version, then information could be lost. (it doesn't have to be a huge difference... driver version and could have one small difference that happens to be the one that needs to be the same for your particular setting!)

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