Does anyone know if the newest version of Planet Search (7.6) will resolve the issue a user has pointed out below? It has to do with creating a pdf document from Planet Search for more than one page. Any help would be much appreciated. Work around was provided in the last paragraph but am not sure if this can be fixed permanently. Question was logged under version 7.3. Most users in the company now have version 7.5.

User question:
On the screen shot that I include - it shows page 2 of 6. On the left side - it shows + page 2 - that's all that shows on that side. I don't see page 3 or 4 etc..

I believe the reason that page 2 shows on the left side and not the rest is probably due to the indexes being exactly the same on all the pages and Planet Search is suppressing them. Not 100% sure but will put in a question to ObjectifLune and get back to you on the answer. I checked the form and do not see any initial errors on the creation of the index. This does occur on the test machine. If a fix is required I will convert this request to an SR.

When I did an extract to PDF only page 2 was extracted.

I believe there is a defect logged with ObjectifLune on this however there is a work around to create multi pages in a pdf.

Select Options --> User Options --> Search Options
Check Multi-page mode and select number of pages in the report. Then try create pdf extract.

Errors will occur if the number of pages exceeds the actual report.. Single page mode extracts the page that is highlighted on the left so if the report is on page 9, create pdf will extract only page 9.