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#52503 - 10/06/15 11:10 PM PlanetPress Suite Workflow Reference Guide
Ron Hoskin

I am having propblems with the PP Workflow Guide (pdf) posted on our website. It appears that there are no graphics in the document!
I've tried 3 different pdf readers, all without success, so I assume its the document itself.

Could someone check and advise

#52504 - 10/07/15 08:54 AM Re: PlanetPress Suite Workflow Reference Guide [Re: ]
Evelyne Lachance

Hello Ron,

Indeed the graphics are missing from the 7.0 version PDF. However, this is an... OLD document, and I unfortunately simply cannot re-build it because of a massive documentation merge & cleanup that happened 5 years ago. The original sources for that version do not exist anymore.

Please, please use at least version 7.1 of the user guides, . Or maybe it's about time to update to a later version and use 7.6?

Starting from version 7.1, there are no more "Reference Guides", they were merged together with the User Guides to remove a high amount of data duplication, and publishing complexities.

#52522 - 10/09/15 01:36 AM Re: PlanetPress Suite Workflow Reference Guide [Re: ]
Ron Hoskin

Hello Evelyne
Thank you for your reply. I suspect you are the author of these docs, so I hope I don't offend with my following comments.
I do have copies of the v7.6 User Guide and will go back to that. I did find the 7.0 Reference Guide more friendly to read, and it seemed more like a User Guide, whereas the 7.6 User Guide seemed more like Reference Guide - if you already know what you want, this describes how. As an OL newbie, I need all the explanations of things that I can get! (i.e. this is what you can do and this is how you do it).
Also, the PP Workflow User Guide 7.6 doesn't have any page numbers which adds to it's readability challenges!
Oh, and lastly, I'm getting these docs from the Resources section of the PlanetPress website which lists the reference guide separately from the user guides, but doesn't suggest that the user guide is the replacement document.

#52648 - 11/04/15 11:43 AM Re: PlanetPress Suite Workflow Reference Guide [Re: ]
Evelyne Lachance

Sorry for not replying before - not sure if I received a notification.

Essentially, there was a decision taken at one point to merge the Reference and User guide simply because there was a whole lot of duplication, and it was extremely difficult to find methods to link between those two guides (especially adding to the fact that we now maintain multiple versions and different licences in some products, making hardcoded links impossible).

Furthermore, we also took the decision to separate the "What does this do" (documentation) from the "What can I do with it" (training). The first result was a somewhat reduced documentation size, the second one was more complete training material. Of course, nothing is perfect and we consantly try to improve both parts, but it would simply be a massive challenge to have all the information at the same place - there is no single tool that really achieves this well (reference, videos, training material, exercises, feedback, resources, etc etc).

So basically what I'm saying is, while I do wish we could have documentation that contains everything you need to know about the software, the reality is, documentation and training go hand in hand and you can't understand the whole of the software without using both.

As for the resource section, that will soon be replaced by a centralized resource center which will be removed from the main website, which will simplify things greatly...

Hope this helps,