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#53120 - 02/25/16 05:30 AM Font with subtype/style problem
alex99999 Offline
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I have a font "XY Sans" with different styles: normal, bold, italic,light, ...
I have installed the font files (every style has its own .otf file) in windows 7. Restarted PSM.

Now in PSM7 I want to use the "light" style of that font. But in the font dropdown I can only see XY Sans in the dropdown - there is no light-style, which I need. If I open the bigger font dialog there are font styles normal, italic, bold and bold italic but again there is now light-style.

Why and what can I do?

Best regards,

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#53125 - 02/28/16 04:04 AM Re: Font with subtype/style problem [Re: alex99999]
Sander vd Berg Offline
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Hi Alex,

Normally subtypes are not shown in a standard font control, you're supposed to select the base font and the Windows font mapper will select the appropriate font based on the text style. I think an exception is made for 'light' since not many applications allow you to specify a 'light' font weight. For example, the standard system font Calibri Light is a subtype of Calibri (separate file) and it is available as a separate entry in the font controls of Word, Wordpad, and PSM.

Not sure what's going on with your font. If you can see XY Sans Light in the font control of Wordpad you should be able to type your text there and copy-paste it to PSM. PSM and Wordpad are both based on RichEdit (RTF). If you cannot see it in Wordpad but you can see it in Word, or if the Font dialog in Word allows you to apply a 'light' font style to XY Sans, try copy-pasting from Word. As long as the text does not have any features that are not supported by RTF it should be okay.


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