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#53384 - 04/27/16 02:03 AM Use a middle HTTP server between App and Workflow
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Our Connect server (and therefore HTTP input module) is located in a place where the Internet goes down from time to time...
What would be your recommandation architecture/process in such a case ?

Maybe have a HTTP server hosted, this server would receive the data from the COTG apps, store it.
Connect server would then run a process that would pull the data from the middle server.

Thanks for your feedback

#53991 - 09/23/16 09:55 AM Re: Use a middle HTTP server between App and Workflow [Re: fbonnot]
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The connection between the application tier and the desktop tier can operate successfully over a ... This tier is sometimes referred to as the middle tier

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#54015 - 09/27/16 08:21 PM Re: Use a middle HTTP server between App and Workflow [Re: fbonnot]
Benoit Potvin

Sorry for the late, late, late reply! Hopefully, the absense of follow-up posts means that the issue has been resolved.

If not, here are some thoughts:

I assume that your problems might be as follow:

1. Internet is down when the 'Output to Capture OnTheGo' plug-in executes so it fails to send the information to the Capture OnTheGo server (which is always online), so tablet users don't see the new documents appear in their COTG repository.

2. Internet is up when the 'Output to Capture OnTheGo' plug-in executes, but it then goes down so users see the new COTG documents in their repository, but the documents can't download to their tablet.

The idea to use an intermediate server where Internet connection is consistently up appears to be a good option, however I don't see how the PlanetPress Server could communicate with the intermediate server if there is not Internet connection in the first place.

With not much details about your environment and COTG processes in place, I would first investigate the following alternatives, which I present as questions:

- Is there an explanation as to why Internet goes down from time to time? Most importantly, is there any way to make the Internet Connection more robust? It seem to me like the best solution would be to first try to resolve the problem at the core, i.e. the internet connection problem. It might just not be feasible for many reasons though, hence the question.

- Does the Internet go down during specific period(s) of the day? Is there a period of the day/week where Internet is never down? The idea here is to investigate whether the solution could be modified to run during up times. However, there might be no pattern in the up/down times, or the up times could simply be at the wrong moment. Again, I'm just throwing alternatives.

- Can the solution be installed (and run) in a location where Internet is always up? If so, is there a way by which the host system (i.e. the system generating the variable data used by the solution to create COTG forms) can send data files to this new location without Internet connection? I fear it might not be possible.

- How fast must the COTG document appear in a user's tablet after it's been generated? Assuming that the 'output to COTG' plug-in succeeds and the document is set to automatically download, then the Capture OnTheGo app will retry downloading the document at regular intervals until it downloads properly. If the document is not time critical and if Internet is up at least once a day, this means that COTG users could see documents as soon as they are generated (if internet is UP) or up to 1 day after they are generated (if internet is down but up at least once a day).

- Do COTG documents have variable data? If not, then a single generic COTG document could be set to stay on a user tablet for a long period of time and the user could reuse it every time. If reusing the same COTG document for different purpose is a problem, a bunch of generic COTG document could be sent at once instead of on-demand (e.g. each user gets 100 blank COTG forms which will stay in their tablet for a month). Note that this approach is still limited in that when a COTG user submits the form data when internet is down, it will be sent to PlanetPress when Internet connection is up again.

You may have already explored these options... again, without much knowledge of the environment/context, my first reflex is to try to resolve the core issue before considering workarounds.


#54016 - 09/27/16 09:51 PM Re: Use a middle HTTP server between App and Workflow [Re: ]
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Hi Benoit.
No problem.
Meanwhile we have hosted our connect server on a hosted machine with a near 100% SLA. Work great.
Internet problem is a general problem linked to our location (...)
All in one, having the connect servers hosted have advantages.

Thanks for the feedback.

#54218 - 11/16/16 11:54 PM Re: Use a middle HTTP server between App and Workflow [Re: fbonnot]
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A server (or services) is a process or group of processes that runs on a single machine and provides a particular functionality. For example, Web services process HTTP requests, and Forms services process requests for activities related to Oracle Forms. The Concurrent Processing server supports data-intensive programs that run in the background.

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#54220 - 11/17/16 01:04 AM Re: Use a middle HTTP server between App and Workflow [Re: fbonnot]
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In computer software, business logic or domain logic is the part of the program that encodes the real-world business rules that determine how data can be created, displayed, stored, and changed. It is contrasted with the remainder of the software that might be concerned with lower-level details of managing a database or displaying the user interface, system infrastructure, or generally connecting various parts of the program.

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