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#53486 - 05/26/16 04:23 PM Printshop Mail running on a Citrix Virtual Desktop
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How can we get the dongle to be recognized in a Citrix virtual desktop running Window 7 64bit?

We have 1 user that uses a Windows XP computer to run printshop mail but we have standardized on static virtual desktops that have been updated to support our network services that XP computers cant use.

I saw that Terminal/Remote Desktop services isnt supported but we are delivering sing virtual desktops to each users so there arent mutiple users.

#53488 - 05/26/16 04:57 PM Re: Printshop Mail running on a Citrix Virtual Desktop [Re: Rodney]
Evelyne Lachance

Hello Rodney,

The issue here is that PrintShop Mail requires the dongle to be physically present on the machine in order to work - with a virtual desktop, this becomes difficult as the USB adapters also become virtual, and the dongle is no longer recognized. This is a security feature, so it's by design more sensitive than a flash drive.

The release notes are fairly clear on the matter: Objectif Lune has not tested and certified PrintShop Mail Suite applications on virtualized environments.
Objectif Lune support will assist customers running the applications on virtualized environments in the
following manner: Objectif Lune will only provide support for issues that either are known to occur on the
native OS, or can be demonstrated not to be as a result of running on virtualized environments.

In other words, the dongle not working in a Citrix Virtual Desktop, since it is caused by the change to the virtual environment, is not supported. PrintShop Mail 7 requires a physical machine.

#57425 - 02/17/20 05:53 PM Re: Printshop Mail running on a Citrix Virtual Desktop [Re: Rodney]
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I see this post is dated 2016, is VM environment still unsupported for PrintShop Mail 7?
Thanks in advance for the prompt response.