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#53558 - 06/15/16 07:54 AM Re: PP Suite Workflow Config - W1534 - Out of memory [Re: Roebie]
Philippe F. Offline
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Try this:
  • Make sure your Undo/Redo option is turned ON (in case you turned it off earlier)
  • Delete one of your processes. Pick the smallest possible one that you know you can recreate easily if anything goes wrong.
  • Try saving the config and check whether the file was saved properly

Before doing anything else, try Undo'ing the last action (when you deleted your process) to see if the application is able to recover it.

If the Undo method worked, it means you should be able to perform the above procedure several times until the save operation is successful. You may end up losing a few processes but it's better than losing everything.

Sorry I can't propose a complete fix but right now the first order of the day is trying to get you out of this predicament with as little impact as possible.
You will probably want to make notes on each process you delete.
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#57687 - 09/17/20 09:04 AM Re: PP Suite Workflow Config - W1534 - Out of memory [Re: Roebie]
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This happens on a regular basis, I try to save and resend the config on a regular basis but that is not feasible in a production environment.

There has to be a way to clear the memory without losing your current work

#57688 - 09/17/20 10:00 AM Re: PP Suite Workflow Config - W1534 - Out of memory [Re: Roebie]
Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre Offline
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Hi dvbsf,

If you have issues, it would be best to start a new thread to describe your own specific problem, or contact Technical Support, as opposed to reviving very old threads.

Unfortunately, if memory is leaking, there is no "clear memory" options, it's not how it works. You can only clear it by restarting/killing the services. Instead, the solution is to find out exactly what causes the memory leaks and see how you can fix them. You may have specific actions in your processes that causes memory to build up.

I recommend that you contact Technical Support, and have them connect to your system, to help you figure out why the memory is building-up, and possible solutions.

Raphaël Lalonde-Lefebvre

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