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#53683 - 07/08/16 08:06 PM Printshop Mail Crashes
Nate Lopez Offline
OL Newbie

Registered: 07/08/16
Posts: 1
Hi I need some help...I recently purchased the newest version of Printshop Mail and when I try to open old files that have a PDF embedded version 7 crashes. I am able to open the file if it does not have the PDF embedded but when I try to insert the PDF into the setup it crashes as well.

This is the error that it gives.

Version 7.2.6 (build 8871)
EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading from 0x0000000C
Exception code: 0XC0000005
Stack trace:
0x59B9A387 (DL91CoolType) CTGetVersion
0x59B9ECE4 (DL91CoolType) CTGetVersion
0x59B9ED56 (DL91CoolType) CTGetVersion
0x59C30941 (DL91CoolType) CTGetVersion
0x5A4BF48E (DL91PDFL) PDSRoleMapUnMapSrc
0x5A4C0223 (DL91PDFL) PDSRoleMapUnMapSrc
0x5A4C645B (DL91PDFL) PDSRoleMapUnMapSrc
0x59B4CD8B (DL91CoolType)
0x59B9EE5F (DL91CoolType) CTGetVersion
0x77B32D88 (ntdll) RtlFreeHeap
0x76D2C4D4 (kernel32) HeapFree
0x5A331CA5 (DL91PDFL)
0x5A4C687F (DL91PDFL) PDSRoleMapUnMapSrc
0x5A347D48 (DL91PDFL) PDFLPrintDoc
0x77B44605 (ntdll) RtlQueryInformationActivationContext
0x77B33087 (ntdll) RtlAllocateHeap
0x77B39578 (ntdll) RtlLcidToLocaleName
0x77B32D88 (ntdll) RtlFreeHeap
0x77B43CF3 (ntdll) RtlFreeSid
0x77B36094 (ntdll) wcsnicmp

We have submitted this to support and have not heard back from them and am looking for some help if anyone has encountered this.


#53697 - 07/14/16 03:51 AM Re: Printshop Mail Crashes [Re: Nate Lopez]
Sander vd Berg Offline
OL Expert

Registered: 06/10/08
Posts: 207
Loc: Objectif Lune NL
CoolType is Adobe's proprietary sub-pixel renderer for text. That error is not familiar to me, but after googling for CoolType crashes a corrupt font appears to be the most likely cause.

Have you tried a different machine (preferably fresh, no custom fonts)?

Note that PSM 6 used version 7.0.1 of the Adobe PDF Library while PSM 7 uses version 9.1.0, there may be differences in behavior when it comes to CoolType.