I currently have PSM 7.2.5. I'm having a problem with it for one function. I print a lot of booklets on a Ricoh 5110 for mailers. The only way PSM will print the booklet and not try and staple 50 booklets together is to use the check box for SPLIT JOB EVERY 1. This used to work. I'm not sure if Windows updated or the fiery updated but something is causing a problem. Now, when i try and use that feature, i get an error during the print process. When i click print, it will start the process of ripping the files and sending them to the printer. The printer will print the first booklet perfectly, but the second and remaining booklets dont get printed and a dialog box pops up saying "printer failed to initialize". I've tried searching the forums for an answer to this but haven't found any.

My OL care is not current. I have down loaded PSM 7.2.6 . To install it i have to uninstall the current version that i already have. I'm a little worried that if I uninstall PSM 7.2.5 and install 7.2.6 that i will have a problem with not having a valid serial number since my OL care is inactive. So then i wouldn't have the previous version of 7.2.5 since i unistalled it. I only have PSM6 on CD. I tried logging in to OL web activation manager, but it says my serial number isn't correct. So i'm leaning on the side of caution before doing anything. Can someone give me direction please?